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How cool is this trubute to SF59?!

A band that for me, and for all the bands that are part of this project has always been and always will be highly fundamental, but for many, unfortunately, remains unknown, so the main objective of this project is just homage and try to rescue how precious is the work of Jason Martin and the seminal Starflyer 59.

This tribute is dedicated to all bands that are part of this project, and of course, to Jason Martin.

PS – listen to the tribute and then listen individually to the materials of each of these precious bands that make this project more than special. (all links are on track credits)

With love and respect.

Renato Malizia

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Playmoss Playlist | monthTWO.2_2018_drivebyMEDIA |Tumblr

Listen to the Playmoss playlist: monthTWO.2_2018_drivebyMEDIA by drivebymedia by drivebymedia

Silver Liz – Visitor
Away Forward – Junk Science
TBTCI – Soft Science – Paris (Nothern Picture Library)
Away Forward – Anxious Dreams
The Prids – Lie Here
Cardinal Fuzz Shop – The Recognition
Citrus Clouds – You Loved Me First
Candace – Rewind
WARM – Stay
crown of pity – So Be It
Relay Tapes – Remember
Dirty Sidewalks – Never Be Alone
Bellavista – Feline / Nocturnal

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FINE CHINA | Not Thrilled | Velvet Blue Music | 12″ Vinyl

Fine China have a new 12″ vinyl lp Not Thrilled coming at the end of Feb. 2018. Not Thrilled?…. but you should be!

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER (release date is 2/23)

It’s been 12 years since the last Fine China full length !  Apparently it has done them nothing but good.  The record is classic pop songs with odes to The Smiths, New Order, The Church, and The Cure . . . in a new way.  It’s everything you’ve always loved about the band and then some.

“A refreshing fast flowing and refined rocker where the music and vocals both drive the melody and feeling” – Beehive Candy

Track Listing

Anybody Else / The Light of Spring / Featherweight / Miles Out / The Hymnal 1982 / Feel Not / Mindful / Iron Is Your Love / Not Thrilled / Can We Forget About The Nightmare?

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