We have taken a new direction here at drivebyMEDIA.  No need to go into details, but let’s just say we are in a different place than we were a few years ago. If you don’t like the new direction it was nice to have you along for the ride. If you are new then welcome.

I thank my daughter for that NEEDTOBREATHE vinyl record that started me listening to music again  and some new artists the summer of 2015  (LEVV, Bird Passengers and Violents to name a few) that excited me enough about music again to start posting.

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Here is part of my About Page from 2007 in case you were not around then:


This is a place to organize, comment on and share what I am listening to and the music I like.

I like to see how artists use music to deal with the issues in life; all of them from faith and spiritual matters, to love and heartbreak and even the mundane things in life.

I appreciate the job that music critics do, however I do not buy into the notion that, if say Pitchfork,Spin or Blender says I should like an artist or not that that is the final word on the subject. (In fact I sometimes I find just the opposite.) There must be some happy medium between the “super-hip-indie-cool” and the “top 40 made for the masses one hit wonder” type of music. In the end you either like the music or you don’t. If you find that the things I like are similar to the things you like or If I can help you in any way to find something new, then all the better.

It is much easier to be critical of a song or artist and less easy to create that art. So I keep that in mind as I listen and comment. There was an older notion of seeing potential in an artist and developing their talent over time. The standards I believe have been raised to where an artist is expected to be groundbreaking and marketable and have a hit single, not to metion have a compelling live show. By nature, I am not a “see the glass half- full” kind of person, but I will try and keep the tone of this blog on the positive side. (but that does not mean I will be untruthful about a disappointing concert or album)

My taste in music is wide so I might have a song in a play-list by Rosie Thomas or Sufjan Stevens next to a song by Family Force 5 or Anberlin.

I have seen a lot of artists perform (in the hundreds). Some of my favorites have been U2, Simple Minds, the 77’s, Bruce Cockburn, Midnight Oil, Skillet, Mute Math, Family Force Five, The Fray, Bob Dylan, Switchfoot, Sufjan Stevens…. (Maybe I’ll make a page some day)

I am new to this blogging thing and do not have a clear vison of what the site will look like or do. (I am still learning what some of the widgets do) So thanks in advance for your patience as the design and function evolves.

So put on your headphones and enjoy your favorite music.



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