The Church and Worldliness | GK Chesterton | Book | Quote

10 Jan

 “If the world grows too worldly it can be rebuked by the church; but if the church grows too worldly , it cannot be adequately rebuked for worldliness by the world.”

Quote found on page 24 of Saint Thomas Aquinas ” The Dumb Ox” by GK Chesterton

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Denison Witmer | Are You a Dreamer? | Spotify

24 Dec

It’s hard to believe that Denison Witme’s Are You a Dreamer? is 10 years old. Listening to Little Flowers brings back alot of memories….


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DENISON WITMER |Are You A Dreamer? |Vinyl LP |New Granada

24 Dec
One of Denison Witmer’s best records Are you a Dreamer is now released on vinyl. Get it at New Granada Records

01. Little Flowers
02. Everything But Sleep
03. Ringing Of The Bell Tower
04. Are You A Dreamer?
05. East From West
06. California Brown And Blue
07. Castle And Cathedral
08. Worry All The Time
09. Grandma Mary
10. Finding Your Feet Again


Source: DENISON WITMER ‘Are You A Dreamer?’ ~ 10th Anny LP on Oxblood colored vinyl! / New Granada

Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus | Beauty Will Save the World

22 Dec

The new album from Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus is called Beauty Will Save the World. Get it at Bandcamp

Source: beauty will save the world | Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus

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The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus|Before The Ending Of The Day’ | NPR

22 Dec

I saw someone had looked at a post from many years ago regarding TRAOTIJ. This led me to see that the band is back with new music. There is also a recent feature on NPR with a new song (Before the Ending of the Day) to listen to.

“Before the Ending of the Day,” a 7th century hymn turned into a droning prayer by the once-mysterious Liverpool music collective: “where music begins to delineate the contours of silence.”

Source: Songs We Love: The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus, ‘Before The Ending Of The Day’ : NPR


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