Starflyer 59’s | Slow | All Songs Considered | NPR

8 Jun

It is always exciting to get a new Starflyer 59 album. This one is called Slow and over at All Songs Considered , Jason from Starflyer 59 leads you thru the entire album. Listen, read & enjoy.

In the 23 years that Starflyer 59 has been a band, the only constant has been Jason Martin. But in those same two decades, through many styles — from the heavy shoegaze of Silver and Gold to Americana’s classic rock to the poppier run of The Fashion Focus through Leave Here A Stranger, and so on and so forth — you always know a song is a Jason Martin song. His workmanlike approach puts an emphasis on songs that make sense and are built to last. To him, a song is math, not art, so if a Starflyer 59 riff or a tone or a chord progression sounds familiar, it means the song’s working. That’s not meant to take the magic out of music, just base it on reality. More than ever, Martin is focused what it means to make music now.

Source: Jason Martin Explains Starflyer 59’s ‘Slow,’ Track By Track : All Songs Considered : NPR

Spartan Records | Mae |The Everglow 2xLP

31 May

This is great news for those that thought Mae’s The Everglow was a great album and needed to be released on vinyl. ( Get a Pre- order notification from Spartan Records) Not so good news for those who paid $150+ for their RSD limited edition version.

The Everglow is finally returning to vinyl later this year. Sign up to receive an email notification when the album is available for pre-order!

Source: Spartan Records – Mae – “The Everglow” 2xLP

EGB2 Record Console | LUNO | Vinyl 

31 May

With Fathers day approaching here is the perfect gift for that special dad who also loves to spin vinyl.  From Luno the EGB2 Record Console. In case you are worried about sound quality it looks like it has a quality  turntable ( the Pro-ject Debut)

LUNO’s flagship model, EGB2, is a timely update of the classic record consoles of the 50’s and 60’s. The beautiful Mid Century inspired design, boutique minimalist turntable, pull out MiniBar and custom gold rimmed whiskey glasses effectively evoke the luxurious style and modernist design of the Mad Men era. Each EGB2 is crafted by finely skilled artisans in the USA using American Walnut and would undoubtedly be a conversation piece based on it’s stylish design alone.

However, looks are not all that the EGB2 has to offer. Look under the hood and you’ll find all the trappings of a powerful sounding music system. The EGB2 couldn’t be easier to use. Plug in the power cord, lift the tonearm, drop it on to your favorite record and enjoy the warm, rich sound of the EGB2’s custom designed two way speaker system. Need more bass? Not a problem. Built into the EGB2 is a separate 100w enclosed subwoofer and a three band tone control. Want to stream music from your digital devices? Just toggle the selector switch and the EGB2 can now be controlled from any Apple or Airplay compatible device in the house. Need somewhere to store your records? The EGB2 has storage space for up to 150 records built in.  Want a drink while listening to your records?  The EGB2 features a pull out minibar complete with gold-rimmed Whiskey glasses and storage space for four average size liquor or wine bottles.

Included: Turntable, Speakers, Amp, Sub, AirPlay Compatibility, 4 (four) Gold Rimmed Luno Whiskey Glasses

Source: EGB2 Record Console | LUNO

Week in Pop | Soda Shop| Impose Magazine

18 Mar

Check out Impose Magazine’s Interview with Soda Shop.

Soda Shop makes music that makes us happy, the effervescent feeling of sipping a home made Italian soda of fresh fruit juice twisted into carbonated mineral water cocktail. What began as the duo of Maria Usbeck & Drew Diver has grown to sometimes include Ed Chittenden & Marty Martier to create a sound that resembles the feelings behind memories and the restless anticipation of the future

Source: Week in Pop: ….Soda Shop | Impose Magazine

SODA SHOP |‘Wistful Past’ | Velvet Blue Music

18 Mar

Soda Shop have a new single Wistful Past due out on April 1 ….no foolin’

This is the 3rd single from the bands debut self titled full length. The single was mixed by Jorge Albrecht of Ariel Pink, and comes backed with the unreleased track ‘Die Alone’. The bands obsession with minimal, nostalgia-induced, melancholy songs that fit into the pop format continues.

Source: new SODA SHOP single ‘Wistful Past’ out on April Fool’s Day : Velvet Blue Music


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