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> jars of clay,derek webb & sandra mccracken featured in usatoday

18 Mar

Check out Jars of Clay , Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken in the Listen up blog of USA Today blogs.usatoday.com/listenup

Love Is the Protest, Jars of Clay: The provocative new track from Jars’ Greatest Hits album (due April 1) declares its allegiance to grace and devotion as a form of resistance.

When the Summer’s Gone, Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken: If the couple in Sixpence None the Richer’s Kiss Me were celebrating their 10-year anniversary now, they might be singing this song

> U23D – U2 premiere 3D movie

23 Jan

U2 premiered their 3D movie at Sundance on Saturday. The movie was shot during U2’s vertigo tour. Read about it and watch the trailer at USA Today

> radiohead – are you a victim of “in rainbows”?

16 Oct

In Rainbows official cover I like the media’s ability to turn any event on it’s head and this another example. USA Today have a story about what I am calling the Radiohead “victims”. See the story here: were radiohead fan’s duped by the download?

I have a hard time seeing the band plotting how to dupe their fans. “Hey Thom, do we play a c- chord here?” “Don’t bother me, I’m trying to figure out a way to tick off our loyal fans. I’ve got it!Yes! Let’s let them pay whatever they want! That will really tick them off!”

I find it hard to believe that people who chose their own price for a download could somehow have a gripe???

With a box set being offered it also seemed like a safe bet that a cd would be released at some point. So I did not pay nothing but I did pay something and then figured another edition with the liner notes and possibly bonus songs would be released.

I guess there will always be unhappy people but leave it to the media to dig up a story out of it!!!

> edison glass – new songs

9 Sep

Edison Glass have posted 3 songs from an upcoming 2008 album “Time is Fiction” on their Myspace page. The new songs “Let Go”, “All our Memories” & “Cold Condition” sound better than anything on their highly regarded debut album “A Burn or a Shiver”. An ep with these songs on it is due on itunes any day now.

The band is also touring this fall with Blindside and The Forecast. Tour schedule see below:
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august playlist – songs by flee the seen, far-less, falling up , the panic division, surrogate, northern, paper route, parker theory & evoka

28 Aug

here are some songs to add to your playlist*

all songs available on the band’s purevolume page


  • 300 Voices at Liberty Hall > flee the seen / doubt become the addiction — this is one of those songs you hear and say “lets go see them in concert” and then find out that the rest of the album is screamo…!!!

  • keep keep > far-less / a toast to bad taste — this band always flew under the radar for me, but this song sounds like it’s ready to be a hit

  • Hotel Aquarium > falling up / capitva —who can forget the new album is out Oct 2

  • sing you to sleep > paper route / ep —I am going to see them live this weekend with sleeping at last,…can’t wait

  • death penalty > surrogate / love is for the rich — a nice change of pace for a tooth and nail band

  • dauphine > evoka / when the day comes —unsigned but not for long

(*with apologies to Listen up & Ken Barnes at USA Today who does something similar)


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