> jars of clay,derek webb & sandra mccracken featured in usatoday

Check out Jars of Clay , Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken in the Listen up blog of USA Today blogs.usatoday.com/listenup

Love Is the Protest, Jars of Clay: The provocative new track from Jars’ Greatest Hits album (due April 1) declares its allegiance to grace and devotion as a form of resistance.

When the Summer’s Gone, Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken: If the couple in Sixpence None the Richer’s Kiss Me were celebrating their 10-year anniversary now, they might be singing this song


> radiohead – are you a victim of “in rainbows”?

In Rainbows official cover I like the media’s ability to turn any event on it’s head and this another example. USA Today have a story about what I am calling the Radiohead “victims”. See the story here: were radiohead fan’s duped by the download?

I have a hard time seeing the band plotting how to dupe their fans. “Hey Thom, do we play a c- chord here?” “Don’t bother me, I’m trying to figure out a way to tick off our loyal fans. I’ve got it!Yes! Let’s let them pay whatever they want! That will really tick them off!”

I find it hard to believe that people who chose their own price for a download could somehow have a gripe???

With a box set being offered it also seemed like a safe bet that a cd would be released at some point. So I did not pay nothing but I did pay something and then figured another edition with the liner notes and possibly bonus songs would be released.

I guess there will always be unhappy people but leave it to the media to dig up a story out of it!!!

> edison glass – new songs

Edison Glass have posted 3 songs from an upcoming 2008 album “Time is Fiction” on their Myspace page. The new songs “Let Go”, “All our Memories” & “Cold Condition” sound better than anything on their highly regarded debut album “A Burn or a Shiver”. An ep with these songs on it is due on itunes any day now.

The band is also touring this fall with Blindside and The Forecast. Tour schedule see below:
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august playlist – songs by flee the seen, far-less, falling up , the panic division, surrogate, northern, paper route, parker theory & evoka

here are some songs to add to your playlist*

all songs available on the band’s purevolume page


  • 300 Voices at Liberty Hall > flee the seen / doubt become the addiction — this is one of those songs you hear and say “lets go see them in concert” and then find out that the rest of the album is screamo…!!!

  • keep keep > far-less / a toast to bad taste — this band always flew under the radar for me, but this song sounds like it’s ready to be a hit

  • Hotel Aquarium > falling up / capitva —who can forget the new album is out Oct 2

  • sing you to sleep > paper route / ep —I am going to see them live this weekend with sleeping at last,…can’t wait

  • death penalty > surrogate / love is for the rich — a nice change of pace for a tooth and nail band

  • dauphine > evoka / when the day comes —unsigned but not for long

(*with apologies to Listen up & Ken Barnes at USA Today who does something similar)