> brighten – “early love” cover art & track listing

Here is the cover art for Brighten’s “Early Love”. Due out September 2, 2008
brighten early love
01) Carolina
02) Easy to Fall in Love
03) Love on My Mind
04) We Are Birds
05) Swing
06) Love Me Honestly
07) What She Really Wants


> jonas brothers – “a little bit longer” cover art & track listing

You have to wait just “A Little Bit Longer” for the new Jonas Brothers album (Out August 12, 2008 ) Here is the cover art:jonas brothers a little bit longer

Track Listing
1. BB Good
2. Burnin’ Up
3. Shelf
4. One Man Show
5. Lovebug
6. Tonight
7. Can’t Have You
8. Video Girl
9. Pushin’ Me Away
10. Sorry
11. Got Me Going Crazy
12. A Little Bit Longer

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> cold war kids – new album “loyalty to loyalty”

The Cold War Kids are releasing “Loyalty to Loyalty”, the follow up to their stunning 2006 release “Robbers and Cowards”, on September 23, 2008. You can hear “Something Is Not Right With Me” at www.myspace.com/coldwarkids


Here is the tracklisting

“Loyalty to Loyalty” – Tracklisting
“Loyalty to Loyalty” will be in stores on Sept. 23rd. The track listing will be as follows.

1 Against Privacy
2 Mexican Dogs
3 Every Valley Is Not A Lake
4 Something Is Not Right With Me
5 Welcome To The Occupation
6 Golden Gate Jumpers
7 Avalanche In B
8 I’ve Seen Enough
9 Every Man I Fall For
10 Dreams Old Men Dream
11 On The Night That My Love Broke Through
12 Relief
13 Cryptomnesia

> falling up “discover the trees again” cover art & track listing

fallig up discover the trees again

Track Listing
1. Broken Heart
2. Hotel Aquarium
3. Moonlit
4. Exit Calypsan (Into the Ice Cave)
5. Escalates
6. Contact
7. Searchlights (Indoor Soccer)
8. Good Morning Planetarium
9. Bittersweet
10. Islander
11. Symmetry
12. Flights
13. Falling in Love
14. Goodnight Gravity