> The Year in Review 2009 – New Artists

best new 1


Owl City – Ocean Eyes & Lights – The Listening
I know they really aren’t new artists…just new to me and a whole lot of other listeners. With Owl City & Lights you have a couple of kids making music in their bedrooms with keyboards and computers. Fireflies was the surprise hit single of the year and Saviour may just be just as catchy.

owl city ocean eyes
lights the listening


And Then There Were None – Who Speaks For Planet Earth
When 2009 opened we thought And Then There Were None would be the electronic band everyone would be talking about. (but then along came Owl City & Lights) None the less this was a strong debut featuring some stellar songs.


Abandon -Searchlights
If Delirious had come from Texas instead of the UK and been influenced by The Killers instead of U2 or Radiohead then they might have been Abandon. With a successful slot opening for This Beautiful Republic they impressed with their live show and CHR made  Hold On a breakout song.
abandon searchlights


Molly Jensen – Maybe Tomorrow
There was something about this album that set it apart from most acoustic pop albums. Give it Time should have been a hit single and the video for Wait For You Here saw her director Barak Hardley playfully antagonizing her.
molly jenson

Fiction Family – S/T
Jon Foreman
(Switchfoot) and Sean Watkins (Nickle Creek ) collaborate on this project that is closer musically to Sean’s band than Jon’s band. Standout tracks were When She’s Near (also a video) and Look For Me Baby.
fiction family


Cotton Jones – Paranoid Cocoon
Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw (Page France & The Broadway Hush) released an album under the name Cotton Jone basket Ride in late 2008. Now trimming the name to Cotton Jones for 2009’s Paranoid Cocoon. Blood Red Sentimental Blues and Gotta Cheer Up offer up some off-kilter alternative folk to tap your foot to.
paranoid cocoon


Jonathan Steingard – NineteenEightyThree EP
Hawk Nelson guitartist Jonathan Steingard released The Atlantis EP and Under the Canopy in late 2008. 2009’s NineteenEightyThree EP (was available free on his website) featured remixes and a killer song Kamikaze (Subharmonic Economic) that features an extended jam that you have to hear to believe.


> the listening – transmission 1

we are mystics. we are foreigners. we are strangers.
we are skeptics. we are wounded. we are artists.
we are believers.

-the listening

It’s been too long since a full length release from the Listening (formerly the Rock and Roll Worship Circus), So now they tease us with a 4 song ep titled Transmission 1.

Surely with songs like this it won’t be [the end]

[the end]

Website: myspace.com/thelistening

> the listening – new music coming

the listening

Soon we shall touch the ground, and when we do, all will not have been forgotten or in vain. Few have been so close to the light and the darkness both and lived to tell about it. Our stories are not fables, rather they are the core of our being. We have seen the truth of a Love that exists outside of our current time and space, yet still colors within our lines. We have seen this light color the blackest hole, fill the deepest vacuum, whisper in the deafest ear, and open the blindest eye. And it is for this reason that we have continued on this journey…

We’re almost home.
transmission complete.

Captain’s log – October 1st, 2008

The Listening (formerly the Rock n Roll Worship Circus) have some news in a  Captains Log, and some Lo-fi transmissions (new music).

If you are not familiar with The Listening here is”Be In Your Eyes” from 2005’s Listening LP