> vinyl records – get out your turntables!

According to a story at WIRED vinyl may be on it’s way back! Sure glad I hung onto my turntable.

Here a few cool vinyl albums to snatch up:

The picture is the Appleseed Cast’s Low Level Owl 1 & 2 – an emo classic, now available on 3 lp’s at Deep Elm

Starflyer 59’s Ghost of the Future is on 10 7 ‘ singles from Burnt Toast Vinyl

Sufjan Steven’s breakthrough Illinois from Asthmatic Kitty Records

U2’s The Joshua Tree Remastered will be available in a special 2 LP edition from Amazon UK


> the 77’s – seventy sevens and “i can’t get over it”

With the upcoming remastered The Joshua Tree from U2, it brings to mind another great band, that by a twist of fate you probably have never heard of.

You see the 77’s, a then obscure band, was set to release there debut on Island records. They already had a 4 star review from Rolling Stone, a great album and a “legendary live show, but the problem was they were to release the same day as labelmates U2’s the Joshua Tree. The label could barely handle the runaway success of the Joshua Tree, so the The 77’s had little marketing push. Oh what might have been…

I first got the album on vinyl and Island never issued it on CD. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that Via Records released a limited run box set of the 77’s first 3 albums.

It’s too bad that 20 years later we aren’t waiting for the 20th anniversary remastered version of the Seventy Sevens…..
This is one of my favorites from the album.

Listen to “I can’t get over it”

> u2 – the joshua tree 20th anniversary edition(s)

U2 The Joshua Tree CD cover.JPGIt is being reported that a 20th anniversary edition of U2’s Joshua Tree will be released December 10, 2007

For many fans of the band this is seen as their best album. Many critics also have named this one of U2’s top albums and some have placed it on their top albums of all time lists (RollingStone named it #26 )

For fans like me it will give me chance to remember that time in my life and the impact that U2’s music had.

It is reported to be coming out in three different editions.

* A digitally re-mastered standard album in a ‘super’ jewel case with a 24-page booklet.
* A deluxe edition to include a 5″ hardcover book with two wallets (at front and back) to hold two CDs (the remastered album + rarities) and the 24-page booklet.
* A limited edition to contain everything in the deluxe edtion, plus one DVD of a Paris show from The Joshua Tree tour.