> the icicles – lyrics to la ti da

La Ti Da
Things are lookin alright today
The sun is shining I’m feeling okay
My chin is up , my spirit is high
Pretty sure that I could fly

So I sing la ti da ti da

Things are finally right for me
The sun is shining, I’m feeling free
My heart is whole and I can finally breath
The horizon I can finally see

Things are finally going swell
The sun is shining, I’m feeling well
My mind is totally clear I can feel the happy coming back to me

Things are looking brighter and I’m feeling better


> the icicles – “la ti da” featured in target commercial

The Icicles (an independant band from Grand Rapids Michigan) had their song “Sugar Sweet” featured in a KRZR commercial last year. Now their song “La Ti Da” is part of a national ad campaign for Target.

Check out their website for more info theicicles.com

Click below for one version of the ad:
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