> we shot the moon — the next step after waking ashland

As was reported in a previous post (waking ashland breaking up… One of the new bands to form was to be called the Honor Roll. This name is now changed and they are now called We Shot the Moon. They have a myspace and purevolume page and an extensive tour schedule this fall. The best news of all is that the songs posted sound just like you would want the next Waking Ashland album to sound!


copeland – “eat,sleep,repeat” & “control freak” video

When I was thinking about Anchor & Braille the other day I realized that I have not written anything about Aaron Marsh’s band Copeland . Their last album “Eat, sleep, repeat” was released last fall by the Militia Group (one of my favorite record labels). Standout songs are “Safer on an airplane” and “Control Freak”. You can catch them on tour with the Rentals through September.

Watch the video to “Control Freak” here:

waking ashland – breaking up…

This news is over a week old now, but I kept putting it off because I had not even done a proper posting for their new album the Well. 3 songs to check out from that album are Salt Lake Jam, Change and Your Intentions. After only 2 full length albums Composure and the Well and the EP Telescopes last year, the band is calling it quits. Here is a link to their blog. to read more about it. It looks like the band members already have some solo material and a new band in the works.

Here are some links to the new stuff: