> the 77’s – “holy ghost building” releasing

The 77’s are releasing a new album “Holy Ghost Building” June 20th. If you are familiar with the 77’s then you know that Mike and Co. have some killer blues licks both recorded and live. This new release is mostly covers of classic blues and gospel songs. You can preview “Working On a Building” at www.myspace.com/the77s with 2 more songs to be posted prior to the release.
holy ghost building

this record sounds like…’Elvis, Scotty, Bill & D.J.’ because we did it exactly the way those guys did the early Elvis recordings.” – Mike

You can order it June 20, 2008 at www.lo-fidelity.com

See the complete 77’s e-mail announcement below (which also includes some tour dates)

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> seventy sevens – “mt” from ‘sticks and stones’

One of the greatest bands you probably never heard of is the 77’s. They were and are a rare combination of legendary live performances and thought provoking lyrics. One of their best albums was Sticks and Stones

sticks and stones

The album was not a proper studio release but was in the words of the liner notes

unreleased demos, dead dogs, weak sisters, failed experimentsand/or otherwise brilliant material(depending on your point of view) that never saw the light of day.”

One of my favorite songs from that album is MT

Lyrics to MT

Come on let me in
I swear I’ll be your only friend
And I will get down on my knees for you
And if I could
You know I would do anything at all
To get you near today
Hear me say

You’re more than money
More than glory
More than I could ever hope to say
You’re more than beauty
More than mystery
More than now
More than yesterday

Take me to your heart
‘Cuz there is where we make it start
And I will get down on my knees for you
And pay the price
Do anything at all to melt your soul on ice

You’re more than money
More than glory
More than I could ever hope to say
You’re more than beauty
More than mystery
More than now
More than yesterday

More than a lover
More than a friend
More than a talent
More than a trend
More than a mystery
More than a dance
More than your history
More than romance
More than your politics
More than your plans
More than a sure thing
More than a chance
More than your weakness
More than your strength
More than completeness
More than fragments

Out of print but you can still purchase at amazon.com
Website www.77s.com
Wikipedia The 77’s

In the comments on this post considering songs of the heart Kim mentions the 77’s and Undercover.

> cornerstone festival 2008 lineup – taking shape

It hardly seems like only 25 years ago that the Cornerstone Festival was born. At the time (1983) their was not a Christian Music Festival that featured all rock in it’s lineup. Many festivals now do, but Cornerstone is the largest and arguably the best. The Mainstage line-ups look geared to various “scenes”with Day 1 hard rock, Day 2 pop/punk/emo, Day 3 worship/25 anniversary celebration , Day 4 metal/hardcore.


Main Stage
Wednesday, July 2nd

  Disciple/Family Force 5 / Skillet / Flyleaf


    Main Stage
    Thursday, July 3rd

    Jonezetta / Leeland / Hawk Nelson / The Almost / Anberlin

      David Crowder Band

      Main Stage – 25th Anniversary Celebration!
      Friday, July 4th

      Mike Farris / The Lee Boys / Flatfoot 56 / Michael Gungor Band / Robbie Seay Band / The Glorious Unseen / 77’s / The Lost Dogs / Charlie Peacock / David Crowder Band


        More bands below:

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        >the 77’s – new live album “99”

        The 77’s have a new live recording available. It is from their 1999 tour; it is called “99”

        The 77’s & Lo-Fidelity Records present: The 77’s, “99”.Recorded in St. Louis MO. by Steve Griffith (Vector) for the 1999 “EP” release, this live CD features a rare glimpse at this great band at the peak of the tour. (The band for this tour was Mike Roe, Mark Harmon, Bruce Spencer, and Scott Reams.) Mike had this to say about the recording:

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        > the 77’s – seventy sevens and “i can’t get over it”

        With the upcoming remastered The Joshua Tree from U2, it brings to mind another great band, that by a twist of fate you probably have never heard of.

        You see the 77’s, a then obscure band, was set to release there debut on Island records. They already had a 4 star review from Rolling Stone, a great album and a “legendary live show, but the problem was they were to release the same day as labelmates U2’s the Joshua Tree. The label could barely handle the runaway success of the Joshua Tree, so the The 77’s had little marketing push. Oh what might have been…

        I first got the album on vinyl and Island never issued it on CD. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that Via Records released a limited run box set of the 77’s first 3 albums.

        It’s too bad that 20 years later we aren’t waiting for the 20th anniversary remastered version of the Seventy Sevens…..
        This is one of my favorites from the album.

        Listen to “I can’t get over it”