> suzanne vega – “left of center” video

The Pretty in Pink Soundtrack had some great songs on it. Here is Suzanne Vega’s “Left of Center” video


> suzanne vega – beauty & crime

It’s been quite awhile since Suzanne Vega has released an album. A lot has happened to her in that time, both happy and sad (the aftermath of 9/11, loss of loved ones, divorce and remarriage, children growing up…). The wait is worth it as this is her best album. An album stocked with memories, feelings about NewYork and the people who inhabit her. My favorite song is Ludlow Street which she dedicates to her brother.

Love is the only thing that matters, Love is the only thing that’s real

-Ludlow Street

> tess wiley – superfast rock n’ roll played slow

Yep that just about sums it up. Tess’ music (former Sixpence None the Richer guitar player before going solo) was formerly on the more raw indie rock played fast and loud side of things. So due to current circumstances her new album sounds like the new indie folk which seems to suite her just fine. The album is released on Tapete records a German label , so the album is an import if you live in the US.

 You can hear 4 songs from the album at myspace.com/tesswiley , as well as her musical history and how the new album is so stripped down. Her other website is wileyrock.de