> Calvin SAO – Concerts for September 2007

Calvin has updated updated their concert & activities calendar for September 2007. Some of the artists are Stars, Shapes & Sizes, Martin Sexton & Denison Witmer.
See Concerts Fall 2007 page.
See Calvin September 2007 below
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page france and the broadway hush

Page France and The Broadway Hush both boast Michael Nau and Whitney Mcgraw as members . Page France features the vocals of Michael, where The Broadway Hush features the vocals of Whitney.

page france
Page France fits in nicely, within the recent emergence of the alternative folk music genre (along with artists like danielson, half-handed cloud and sufjan stevens) Lest I get too fancy describing them, here is how they describe themselves on their myspace… “Page France is from Maryland. Page France makes music. Page France tours. ” It is just that simple, but they do serve up an accessable blend of music on their most recent album “and the family telephone” which you can get at Suicide Squeeze Records.

the broadway hush

You can get several of The Broadway Hush 7” singles from Velvet Blue Music. I Heard the song MR VALENTINE on a Lujo Records compilation Love and Loathing, and I have been listening to it alot. This is MR VALENTINE