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> relient k – “forget and not slow down” single cover art

25 Sep

forget and not slow down single

> joy williams – 2009 cover gallery

6 Sep

In case you missed all that Joy Williams has been up to this year here is a cover gallery to help you out

One of These Days EP
one of these days

Charmed Life (Remixes)

charmed life

The Civil Wars – Live at Eddie’s Attic

Songs From This EP
songs from this

Songs From That EP
songs from that

If you Wanna Go – Single

if you wanna go

> joy williams – “if you want to go” single

6 Sep

Joy Williams will have her song If You Wanna Go on the season finale of Drop Dead Diva (Oct 4th, 2009) Get it at Amazon.com

> We Shot The Moon – The Bright Side Single

29 Jun

You can get the new single from We Shot the Moon The Bright Side –  at AFTERNOON RECORDS | Store.

we shot the moon the bright side

> Paramore – “Ignorance” new single from Brand New Eyes

26 Jun

Paramore’s first single Ignorance from their upcoming album Brand New Eyes will release July 7, 2009

Amazon.com: Paramore – Ignorance (Album Version)


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