> Cotton Jones – New Daytrotter Session

Cotton Jones have a new Daytrotter session check it out and download the 3 songs there…

Cotton Jones: By A Garden Of Beleaguered Thorniness And Cool Skin Ripples recorded May 27, 2009.


> 100k – thanks for visiting


My hits counter just went over 100,000 so a big thank you to everyone who might have stumbled thru my blog. Here are a few stats that you probably don’t care about….

The post with the biggest single day was for Tom Petty Superbowl Setlist and landed at #8 for the day on WordPress top posts.

Overall the post with the most hits is For U2 new album in 2008

Hannah Montana has by far the most comments for the post Win free Hannah Montana Tickets

Jonas Brothers concert photos from the Van Andel Arena were the most viewed post for concert photos

Radiohead made a splash in the fall with this post Radiohead – In Rainbows nets an estimated 9 million

But the things that really get me excited is when some one views something a little more obscure like Cactus World News , The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus or Page France and the Broadway Hush.

> > the cotton jones basket ride – another band for michael nau

Michael Nau of Page France and the Broadway Hush, has another new band The Cotton Jones Basket Ride. Their are three songs from The Paranoid Cocoon EP at myspace.com/thecottonjonesbasketride The first two which sound like the vocals were recorded “out back in the woodshed”. The Ep is due out on quite scientific records