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Perceptions. The title of this Beautiful Republic’s latest album and a fitting word to start talking about the band and the concert*.

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This Beautiful Republic 02/17/09

Radiant Church, Richland Mi

First of all let me start by saying that the album Perceptions  is a solid release of,  as the band puts it “melodic rock” . Musically you find some hints of  hardcore vocals and an alternative edge, but we were pleasantly surprised by how hard the band rocked and how well the hardcore vocals were carried throughout the set. Now after seeing the band live I only wonder what the album Perceptions” might have been had the band been turned loose to record with a live feel? (How about a live ep?!)

The start of the band’s set was a bit bumpy, but they made the best of the need to bandage a cut finger and repair the bass drum head. Eventually they said we are going to leave the stage and come out like nothing had happened. So they did.

I don’t have a set list, but I do know they played Beautifully Broken and  No Turning Back two of their radio songs.  Really there wasn’t a bad song in the set. You know they have sealed the deal when gwg gets a tee and stays to get something signed. Needless to say we waited in line and got home late. (But well worth it)

So if you have not seen the band live and have written the band off because they didn’t rock enough  I would encourage you to give them a chance and see if your perception doesn’t change. Here is a short clip of the band from the show on flickr

Philmont opened with a too short energetic set. They seemed to be making a good impression especially on the group of screaming girls behind us. They ended with the song WAY-FM  plays I Can’t Stand To Fall. (Great song)

Abandon was an unknown band to us  and were completely different from Philmont or This Beautiful Republic. So if Delirious had got their start in San Antonio Texas instead of the UK you night get an idea of their vibe.


*The concert details

Where: Radiant Church, Richland Michigan

When: Feb 17, 2009 7:00 pm

Cost: FREE

Sponsored by Way-FM and underwritten by Consumers Credit Union

After the concert, me and dbm were listening to This Beautiful Republic’s CD Perceptions, and we both agreed that it doesn’t do the band justice. It made them seem…wimpy, and in concert, they’re anything but wimpy. The other bands there, Philmont and Abandon, were pretty good, too. Philmont looked like they had 17 Red Bulls before coming up on stage, and Abandon was pretty good for a band no one had ever heard of before.   -gwg