> 2007 the year in review – favorite albums (best?)

I can see I am not going to get this finished anytime soon so before it gets too far into the year ….In no particular order are my favorite albums of 2007. I would like to think they are also the best albums, but that might be too presumptuous

Anberlin / Cities / Tooth and Nail

Until June / S/T / Flicker

Deas Vail / The Houses All Look the Same / Brave New World


Thrice / The Alchemy Index Vol. 1 & 2: Fire & Water / Vagrant

Thrice break out of the hardcore/screamo mold with this ambitious first installment of the Alchemy Index.

The Brothers Martin / S/T / Tooth & Nail

Brothers Ronnie and Jason bring the best of their other bands (Joy Electric and Starflyer 59) to this collaboration.

Dustin Kensrue / Please Come Home / Vagrant

Dustin’s solo debut is miles away from Thrice musically with an acoustic/alt/country sound. Lyrically the album explores life, love and faith.

Lovedrug / Everything Starts Where it Ends /

Paramore / Riot! / Fueled By Ramen

A nearly flawless pop/punk album that was fun to listen to. (and more that 500,000 others must have thought so too)

Relient K / Five Score and Seven Years Ago / Gotee

Relient K deliver their characteristically great pop/punk music and still retain their humor, but they also show the ability to branch out with the beach boys sounding intro, the country tinged “faking my own suicide and the epic closer “death bed”.

Some others favorites:

Radiohead – “In Rainbows” /The Arcade Fire – “The Neon Bible” / Falling Up “Captiva” / U2 – “The Joshua Tree” Remastered Box Set / Eisley – Combinations / Mae – “Singuality” / We Shot The Moon – “The Cougar and The Polar Bear” / Seabird – “Let Me Go On” /  The Swirling Eddies – The Midget, The Speck and the Molecule  / All Star United – Love and Radiation / Luna Halo  – S/T


> 2007 the year in review – comebacks…the swirling eddies, all star united, the waterboys, luna halo

It is always a pleasant surprise when an old favorite who you have not heard in a few years releases another piece of music. It is a bonus if the output is up to the standards or surpasses the standards the artist accomplished before. This was the case with The Swirling Eddies, All Star United, The Waterboys, and Luna Halo.

The Swirling Eddies – The Midget, The Speck & The Molecule

well they took away dear Jesus and they hung him on a cross, some say he won and some say he lost…i suppose it all depends on how you look at these things.”

– It All Depends

Terry Taylor and company return with an album that recalls the great moments of Daniel Amos, The Swirling Eddies, The Lost Dogs and the Terry Taylor solo albums without sounding like they are just rehashing past greatness. Sadly with little distribution only die hard fans probably have heard this, which is a shame. For more on The Swirling Eddies & Danial Amos go to www.danialamos.com

Love and Radiation

All Star United -Love and Radiation

you’re the thrill of love, like a jet on fire. Push me out and see if I can fly.”

-Love and Radiation

If you were a fan of All Star United you no doubt remember their fun energetic concerts , powerpop music and witty lyrics. Those elements are all here on Love and Radiation, but I have not seen any tour schedule or heard any radio air-play so whether they will get much exposure from this album remians to be seen.

The Waterboys – Book of Lightning

This was another album where the best elements from past recordings all come together to make a great album. Steve Wickham  and his fiddle playing (from the Fisherman Blue’s era) was  welcomed and balanced nicely with the more rock oriented songs like “The Crash of Angel Wings”

Luna Halo – Luna Halo

After a 6 year disapperence Luna Halo return on American Recordings with a rock album that commands your attention. According to Rick Rubin the owner of American recordings, he had to sign them because he couldn’t get their songs out of his head. You might find this the case as well ! Soon you might be paying to see them at a sold-out arena in your hometown.

> luna halo – new album out

It’s been almost 7 years since Luna Halo’s last album Shimmer was out. Their debut on American Recordings was slated for early 2007, but is just now seeing the light of day. Yes, the wait is worth it, and you won’t be pressing the skip button on any of the songs.(but maybe repeat)

You might have already heard “Kings & Queens” on the King of Queens TV show. Listen to it here:

Website: www.myspace.com/lunahalo

We saw them live last September opening for Family Force 5, and not even knowing any of their songs we were quickly drawn into their groove. You can catch them on a few dates with Flyleaf in November and then headlining thru December Continue reading