Mike Knott – Lifesavers Underground @ Cornerstone 1989

I found this picture of Mike Knott and Lifesavers Underground from 1989 (I think) @ the Cornerstone Festival.  What a great set that was.

mike knott at cornerstone


> new music from relient k, switchfoot, lovedrug & lifesavers underground

There is a whole bunch of new music being worked on…..

Relient K working on Ep & B-sides album

We’re doing well. Amongst other things.
One of which is recording. We are not recording the next full length Relient K record, however we have tracked thirteen new original songs that will be going on an EP. We’re calling it The Nashville Tennis EP. We know its a lot of songs for an EP. Whatever.
As well as the EP, we’re going to put out a B sides record. I’m not totally sure of how many tracks we’re going to put on there, but we’re aiming for 20+ for sure. As of right now, we’re calling this The Bird And The Bee Sides.
The two albums together are going form a new release also called The Bird And The Bee Sides. We’re hoping to release it on the earlier side of the summer.

More here matthewthiessen.blogspot.com

Switchfoot new song This is Home on Prince Caspian soundtrack

This Is Home will be releasing to radio April 25. A video was also shot for the song.

Lovedrug finishing new music.

If like me you think that it is far too long between Lovedrug releases this is great news. Act one: the war 1

Lifesavers Undergound?!

Mike Knott is following up his latest release Struck Last May with a new Lifesavers Underground Album: blog