> 2008 the year in review – singles

Here are some of the singles/songs I liked from 2008

Anberlin – Feel Good Drag (Tiger Cover)
A remake from Never Take Friendship Personal, this version is already a top ten modern rock hit.
anberlin 7"

Jon McLaughlin – Beating My Heart
The follow up album featured this song with a decidedly dance/pop direction not seen in his previous work.

Switchfoot – This Is Home From The Prince Caspian Soundtrack and the new song on their greatest hit collection. Switchfoot managed to weather the storm of being dropped from their label, and Jon Foreman found time for 4 solo ep’s and a side band called Fiction Family. Look forward to new music in 2009.

Bob Dylan – Dreamin of You
The first single from what was my favorite Dylan album since 1989’s Oh Mercy

Brandon Heath – Give Me Your Eyes
Just a great song

Cool Hand Luke – Buy The Truth
Cool Hand Luke returned with this single from their “The Sleeping House” album and with lyrics like “If I had a dime for every dollar I’ve wasted trying to be happy …” you know you will be challenged and enlightened.

Falling Up – Good Night Planetarium
From 2007’s Captiva and also on their Best of collection released in 2008. Another fine song from this under-rated band.

Family Force 5 – Dance or Die
Fever was the first single but I liked the 70’s vibe to this one better

The Myriad – A Thousand Winters Melting
Great imagery and over a great drum track.

Fireflight – Unbreakable
This got some added exposure from NBC TV

House of Heroes – In the Vally of the Dying Sun
House of Heroes were back to rescue the pop/punk/emo genre mixing in some “classsic and prog rock sensibilities”

Jars of Clay – Closer
The boys from Jars of Clay are always able to surprise and this song is a pleasant one

Krystal Meyers – Shine and Make Some Noise
I didn’t expect to like this album but these two singles were irrisistable. The change to dance/pop suits her fine now if only I could dance.

We Shot the Moon – Sway Your Head
I expected this album to be bigger than it was but it wasn’t for of a lack of great pop songs like this one.

Seabird – Rescue
I predicted that this band would break out this year. The band made several top ten lists and this song got to exposure on the TV show Pushing Daisies promos.

Onerepublic – Apologize
With a live appearance last New years eve this song spent alot of time topping the charts.

Bon Voyage – Monster
A welcome return after a long absence

The Afters – Myspace Girl
A humorous, but true story in this clever little song



> Krystal Meyers – “Make Some Noise” album review

When I heard that Krystal Meyers was making a dance pop album, I automatically thought,”Oh, no. A pop album? This is gonna be terrible!” But when I finally heard her album, I was pleasantly surprised.

Instead of just putting out an okay album with songs about boys, she released a well made, catchy record with a lot of meaningful songs. (Yes, it is possible.) “Make Some Noise,” (which was used by ABC to promote ‘Desperate Housewives,’ ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’) “Feels So Right” (Every time You look at me I’m on a high/I need Your loving cause it makes me feel alive) “Love It Away” (If you’re hurting, feeling afraid/He will love it away/…What is broken/What’s been stolen/Our Father will restore) and “Beautiful Tonight” (In my sickness can You make me beautiful tonight?) are just a few of those songs.

But she can’t totally leave her old music style. And it shows through in “S.O.S.” “My Freedom” and “Up To You.” (The former she sings ‘I am in distress/Come and save my life/This is my S.O.S./Screaming up to the sky.’) While her newest album’s musical uniqueness from her two older ones is awesome, it still is nice to hear the music she started with.


Even if you didn’t like that she “sold out” from her rocker style, you gotta admit: she did pretty good on this album, all things considered.  Her best one by far. I already can’t wait for her next one.
Rating: 5 out of 5

make some noise

Another Take:
This album is one of my “guilty pleasures” of 2008.  It was “OK” to like her when she was playing guitar rock but truly sophisticated critics aren’t supposed to like “this” kind of music. But dang it, Make Some Noise and Shine have been playing on a regular basis on my Zune.  Ms. Meyers has now proved she can do two styles of music effectively and who’s to say she can’t do just about anything. If this is selling out then maybe it’s not so bad! -drivebyMEDIA

Krystal Meyers’ New Single – “Shine”

krystal meyers

Krystal Meyers’ new single “Shine” just came out, and here it is. So sit back and enjoy. But I must warn you: If you were a fan of her because she could rock, then you will be disappointed. It’s very dance-pop. But don’t let me discourage you from listening, cause even though I’m not a big fan of female pop singers (it’s not like I hate them, but I feel there are too many of them), I thought her newest single was very good. So come on; listen to it. I know you want to.


New album out in the US Sept 9 / July 9 in Japan