P.O.D. | The Awakening | HM Magazine Review

To be honest it’s been since the album Testify that I have bought a POD album. But on the strength of the song This Goes Out to You and this review from HM Magazine I might have to give it a try.

“When George H. Bush’s voice comes through the speakers at the start of P.O.D.’s new album, you know something different is at hand. Payable On Death has decided to jump through a fiery hoop few rock and roll bands survive – the concept album. The Who did it twice with Tommy and Quadrophenia. Pink Floyd pulled it off in grand fashion with The Wall. Queensryche did it for heavy metal with the elaborate Operation Mindcrime.”

Source: P.O.D. – The Awakening – HM Magazine


Twin Forks’ – Cross My Mind (Chris Carrabba)

Last year found Chris Carrabba fronting Further Seems Forever,  now he has another new project called Twin Forks. See the new video.

Chris Carrabba, the heartbeat of Dashboard Confessional, has started a new folksy project called Twin Forks, and they have released their first music video for the song “Cross My Mind.” The band, which also consists of Suzie Zeldin (the Narrative), Jonathan Clark and Ben Homola (Bad Books), are setting out on tour and plan to release their self-titled EP Sept. 17.

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The inside photo of Paramore’s  latest self-titled album says alot.

The album review at HM Magazine highlights this growing up:

If Williams grows up anymore—whether it be solo or with anyone else—let’s hope there’s more of this to come. Growing up may be hard to do, but thankfully Paramore’s older now.







Bill Mallonee – Amber Waves Review

There is a review of Bill Mallonee’s Amber Waves at HM Magazine. Never as famous or well know as he should have been, he nevertheless has continued to turn out a lot of great music. With the Spotify playlist below see if you agree with the reviewer.

Amber Waves – perhaps his best album in a decade – …

… The songs coalesce around the ideas of overcoming life’s cruel fates and hardships through the power of Love, who “always gets the last word.”

Bill Mallonee - Amber Waves - HM Magazine

via Bill Mallonee – Amber Waves – HM Magazine.