> kids in the way – “a love hate masquerade” streaming on purevolume

Kids in the Way are previewing their new album at purevolume.com/kidsintheway . Is it groundbreaking? No. Is is enjoyable, radio ready-rock. Yep. Check it out


august playlist – songs by flee the seen, far-less, falling up , the panic division, surrogate, northern, paper route, parker theory & evoka

here are some songs to add to your playlist*

all songs available on the band’s purevolume page


  • 300 Voices at Liberty Hall > flee the seen / doubt become the addiction — this is one of those songs you hear and say “lets go see them in concert” and then find out that the rest of the album is screamo…!!!

  • keep keep > far-less / a toast to bad taste — this band always flew under the radar for me, but this song sounds like it’s ready to be a hit

  • Hotel Aquarium > falling up / capitva —who can forget the new album is out Oct 2

  • sing you to sleep > paper route / ep —I am going to see them live this weekend with sleeping at last,…can’t wait

  • death penalty > surrogate / love is for the rich — a nice change of pace for a tooth and nail band

  • dauphine > evoka / when the day comes —unsigned but not for long

(*with apologies to Listen up & Ken Barnes at USA Today who does something similar)