> Family Force 5 & Fireflight Perform at Free Day Zero of Unity Christian Music Festival

Day Zero of the Unity Fest in Muskegon is free and this year Family Force 5 and Fireflight are playing.  Day Zero is Wednesday August 5 and the gates open at 4pm.

See the report at MLive.com.

Festival website:  unitychristianevents.com


> Family Force 5 – Dance Or Die Video

I declare a dance war
Dance or die

With July 4th fresh in our minds here is the video for Family Force 5’s Dance Or Die’ at The Daily Rock.  I think it is seriously cool.

family force 5 @ the intersection

(For those who don’t get the connection with July 4th I had in  mind  The Revolutionary War and declaring a Dance War)

> family force 5, mewithoutYou and until june – 3 reasons to get out to the record store tomorrow

Here are 3 releases I have been looking forward to and they all release May 19, 2009

Family Force 5 – Dance or Die With a Vengeance


mewithoutYou – it’s all crazy! it’s all false! it’s all a dream! it’s alright”


Until June – The Sound Of Defeat

until june sound of defeat

> Family Force 5 Christmas Album

Set to release in time for “roasting those chestnuts over an open fire” comes this news from the boys at FF5

Family Force 5 announced via audio blog on their Myspace, that they are currently working on a Christmas album which they are planning on releasing this Fall. If you listen to that background of the the audio you’ll hear the beat that is being worked on for “These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things“

via Family Force 5 Christmas Album | Indie Vision Music.