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Just when you thought you had seen the last of this great band …

Remakes of two classic tracks off the first album Crashings, voted by the Kickstarter backers. Each track combines elements of the original versions along with new styles and orphaned melodies from the two most recent albums. While Arafax Deep strays the farthest away from the original, the meaning of the song remains the same: facing great loss and finding hope from sorrow.

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Falling Up| In The Woodshop | New Single

It’s always exciting to have new music from Falling Up… “…It’s here! Our new single. We’re very excited to share this one with you. We cover a lot of ground musically on this album and “In The Woodshop” is just a taste of what the entire album will be offering. We sincerely hope you all enjoy it and that it makes you excited to hear … Continue reading Falling Up| In The Woodshop | New Single

Falling Up “Hours” Album Review

There is  a review of Falling Up’s album Hours at Jesusfreakhideout. I can see from the band’s site at fallingup.bandcamp that I have some catching up to do with this band. Ever since Falling Up fell apart (pun intended) early in 2010 and then returned in 2011, they have done things a little differently. They were one of the first major groups connected to CCM … Continue reading Falling Up “Hours” Album Review

> Falling Up taking a “permanent break”

Falling Up are taking a “permanent break” Wednesday, January 20, 2010 The Armageddon Theme Song I have gotten quite a bit of email in the last six months of questions regarding the future of Falling Up. And rightly so, for we have been extremely seldom with our updates and news. So I figured I owe it to all of you, and myself, to clear things … Continue reading > Falling Up taking a “permanent break”

> falling up – “steams of woe at acheron” from fangs

Falling Up have a new album out, entitled Fangs. The titles to the songs alone may leave you scratching your head, but don’t despair the band is launching a new website at to help you decipher the “mysteries”. Musically the band continues down the path started by such songs as Good Morning Planetarium from 2007’s Captiva. The album has a strong start at iTunes … Continue reading > falling up – “steams of woe at acheron” from fangs