Anberlin – Devotion Track Listing & Cover Art

Absolute Punk has the Cover Art and Track Listing for Devotion

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> viva voce – “devotion” from rose city

Viva Voce have a new album Rose City coming out out May 26, 2009 on Barsuk records. Here is Devotion from that album.


viva voce rose city

Viva Voce “Rose City” Tracklist
1. Devotion
2. Die A Little
3. Octavio
4. Midnight Sun
5. Red Letter Day
6. Good As Gold
7. Rose City
8. Tornado Alley
9. Flora
10. The Slow Fade

kevin and anita
Kevin & Anita Robinson

Album Factoids from

a) Anita and I built a studio in our backyard. We recorded Rose City in 3 weeks – from pen to paper to final master. This was deliberate.

b) All photos (and cover image) were taken at a show here in town by Megan Holmes ( a pdx photog and general mover and shaker). The guitar on the cover is Anita’s Les Paul Custom Lite, a rare little number.

c) Obviously tried to make a conscious effort to keep all elements of the record based out of Portland. It’s not really a concept record, but it’ll make sense when you hear it.

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