Midnight Oil | Lasseter’s Gold (Unreleased Demos) | Spotify

So wondering why these demos went unreleased? Esp. like Sunburnt Sky.

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> jonathan jones – new demos “the stills” & “a simple prayer”

Jonathan Jones (We Shot the Moon, Waking Ashland) has some new demos The Stills and A Simple Prayer at jones
Info on some new music coming

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
New music on its way!
Its been one crazy year for me. I started touring on Sept. 19th, 2007 and I haven’t stopped since. I am about to take a little time off from the road to write and record some new tunes. I start recording at “The Black Lodge” for two weeks in Lawrence Kansas on Oct. 20 and then shortly after that We Shot The Moon will be writing and recording our next record. I feel so lucky to be living out my dream. Thanks for the support.
Excuse me now while I hibernate:)
Live life. be excited. smile?

> one star story – new band , new songs (w/ a little help from stephan christian)

I hadn’t heard of One Star Story before, but they have at least 5 things going for them. They look good in black, they have a female singer, Stephan Christian from Anberlin produced some demos for them, they have a social conscience (the “to write love on her arms” t-shirt), and the singer has a cool hairdo that both my daughter and I like.

So go check them out….