Hawk Nelson | Worship on the Waterfront | Grand Haven

Hawk Nelson played to a packed house at Grand Haven’s Worship on the Waterfront. Along with playing the hits from their last two albums they debuted three new songs.


¬†The Seventy Sevens | 20 Years Gone | Album and Fall Tour

The 77’s are releasing an album of their favorites of the last 20 years called 20 Years Gone, along with a fall tour

After 20 years as a trio, The 77s have now decided to collect, remaster and rerelease a group of recordings that best reflect the band’s most successful achievements after having ‘gone three piece’ in an album entitled 20 Years Gone. Much more than your usual ‘greatest hits’ or ‘best of’ collection, this album brings together every group member’s most treasured musical moments. Not content to sit back and simply put this new collection out by itself, the guys are committed to bringing these beloved trio tunes to life in a 20 Years Gone tour this November.

Source: : The Seventy Sevens in concert