> falling up – “steams of woe at acheron” from fangs

Falling Up have a new album out, entitled Fangs. The titles to the songs alone may leave you scratching your head, but don’t despair the band is launching a new website at neptuennscavern.com/wordpress to help you decipher the “mysteries”. Musically the band continues down the path started by such songs as Good Morning Planetarium from 2007’s Captiva. The album has a strong start at iTunes … Continue reading > falling up – “steams of woe at acheron” from fangs

> falling up – captiva

Falling Up with “Captiva” have moved the next step and created a mature sounding album. Gone are the last elements of rapcore and hardcore (yes sadly no screaming). The sophisicated piano sounds are supplemented by 80’s synth sounds and finished off with crashing guitars and soaring vocals. The album is full of songs that seem ready for rock and CHR radio. (Hotel Aqarium, Maps, Goodnight … Continue reading > falling up – captiva