> starflyer59 – “ghosts of the past” two disc set

Great news for fans of of SF59 who may have missed some of their projects…

On August 11th, Starflyer 59 will be releasing a 2-disc collection titled Ghosts Of The Past. The first disc features their 2007 vinyl release titled Ghosts Of The Future which included demos of songs from Dial M and rare b-sides. The second disc features The Last Laurel EP, I Win EP, Minor Keys EP, and the Dial M digital/vinyl bonus track “Magic.” Here is a look at the tracklisting and very early artwork.

Disc 1:
1. Automatic [Demo]
2. Compulsion
3. Concentrate [Demo]
4. Pearl Of Great Price [Daniel Brigham Remix]
5. Minor Keys [Demo]
6. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
7. Easy
8. Spooky
9. Mr. Martin [Demo]
10. Mr. Martin [Acoustic]
11. I Love You Like The Little Bird [Demo]
12. Mall Monarchy
13. M23 [Demo]
14. Guitar Man
15. Black Jacket
16. Broken Arm
17. Taxi [Demo]
18. Gangs Of Riverside
19. The Brightest Of The Head [Demo]
20. Altercation [Demo]
Disc 2:
1. The Man Who Will Lead (from The Last Laurel EP)
2. Thin As A Needle (from The Last Laurel EP)
3. The Lucky Ones (from The Last Laurel EP)
4. For Us (from The Last Laurel EP)
5. White Fog (from I Win EP)
6. Family Line (from I Win EP)
7. W.S. 2005 (from I Win EP)
8. The Brightest Of The Head [Acoustic] (from Minor Keys EP)
9. I Love You Like The Little Bird [Acoustic] (from Minor Keys EP)
10. Under The Milky Way (from Minor Keys EP)
11. Magic (digital/vinyl bonus track from Dial M)

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> mute math – “spotlight” single with b-sides

News from Mute Math: Spotlight Single with B-sides digital and vinyl coming 2/10/09

… Spotlight single with bsides to be released 2/10 digitally and on limited edition vinyl.

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> new music from relient k, switchfoot, lovedrug & lifesavers underground

There is a whole bunch of new music being worked on…..

Relient K working on Ep & B-sides album

We’re doing well. Amongst other things.
One of which is recording. We are not recording the next full length Relient K record, however we have tracked thirteen new original songs that will be going on an EP. We’re calling it The Nashville Tennis EP. We know its a lot of songs for an EP. Whatever.
As well as the EP, we’re going to put out a B sides record. I’m not totally sure of how many tracks we’re going to put on there, but we’re aiming for 20+ for sure. As of right now, we’re calling this The Bird And The Bee Sides.
The two albums together are going form a new release also called The Bird And The Bee Sides. We’re hoping to release it on the earlier side of the summer.

More here matthewthiessen.blogspot.com

Switchfoot new song This is Home on Prince Caspian soundtrack

This Is Home will be releasing to radio April 25. A video was also shot for the song.

Lovedrug finishing new music.

If like me you think that it is far too long between Lovedrug releases this is great news. Act one: the war 1

Lifesavers Undergound?!

Mike Knott is following up his latest release Struck Last May with a new Lifesavers Underground Album: blog

> u2 – listen to “wave of sorrow” (birdland)

U2’s  The Joshua Tree Remastered has been released, and I am glad we have the long Thanksgiving weekend to check it out. With any collection it’s hard to know where to start. I did listen to disc 1 on my noise canceling headphones and the re-mastering sounds pretty good, but the proof will come when I can crank up the stereo. I did sample the DVD disc and the concert from Paris. It’s funny to see Bono and the Edge with their long hair!

I did have to get to the bonus music disc and hear the finished version of “Wave of Sorrow”(Birdland). Of all the songs on the bonus disc “Wave of Sorrow” is the essential one. Listen to it here:

Bono singing Wave of Sorrow

“Wave of Sorrow” Birdland lyrics below:

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