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> anerlin – live from the purevolume house

17 Jun

Anberlin have 5 songs  on Live From The PureVolume House 2009

A Day Late (Live From The PureVolume House)

Breaking (Live From The PureVolume House)

The Unwinding Cable Car (Live From The PureVolume House)

Inevitable (Live From The PureVolume House)

Paper Thin Hymn (Live From The PureVolume House)

via PureVolume™ | We’re Listening To You.

> Anberlin – new single “Breaking” heading to radio

9 May

Anberlin are releasing their next single from New Surrender and it’s Breaking. It heads to radio May 26, 2009 See the note from the band below.

Friday, May 08, 2009

BREAKING the Radio

Hey guys, so you all were amazing and played a huge part in making Feel Good Drag #1. In fact, the song is stop in the Top 5 after an unbelievable 31 weeks on the charts!!! Well, guess what time it is?????

Yep, it’s time for the second single to impact radio! The next single from the record is “BREAKING”, and we are asking you guys to call your local rock stations and request “BREAKING”! We are extremely grateful every time you guys call or email your stations. It helps us more than we can explain. We have a list of stations posted at our website, and on our myspace page. Now is the time! Let’s begin the onslaught!

via MySpace.com Blogs – BREAKING the radio

anberlin breaking

> anberlin – “the feel good drag” acoustic

20 Apr

Anberlin will release an acoustic version of their hit single “The Feel Good Drag” on April 28, 2009
anberlin acoustic

> anberlin – “the feel good drag” number one @ modern rock radio

20 Apr

Anberlin’s The Feel Good Drag secured the #1 slot on modern rock radio! Congrats to the band.

> anberlin setlist calvin college 01/16/09

17 Jan

At the Calvin College’s  Artist: Conversation with Anberlin (Hopefully posted soon) we learned that the bassist for the band makes up the playlists each night . When asked what songs the band liked to play live the songs Feel Good Drag, and Dance Dance, were mentioned. Stephen said he liked (*Fin) but that they hardly ever played it live. (And my favorite Anberlin song) We were surprised when they came out for the encore with 2 acoustic guitars wondering what they would be playing…and then the band began to play (*Fin). A knowing grin from GWG and a classic concert memory was born.

So if my memory serves me right  here is the Setlist

Disappear, Never Take Friendship Personal, Paperthin Hymn, Breaking, A Day Late, Adelaide, Inevitable, The Unwinding Cable Car, Dismantle. Repair, Hello Alone, Feel Good Drag, The Resistance, Godspeed, (Encore)….(* Fin)

Anberlin @The Intersection. Photo by drivebyMEDIA


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