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…”This whole album as a concept has been about confronting endings and what it means to face some sort of death, whether it’s literal or figurative. How do you respond to that? How do you respond to an ending and try to find a way to continue? How do you boil down the ingredients of your life to the most essential things? Where do you derive happiness from? How do you continue on? That’s always been a mantra to a lot of our songs over the years…”

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Anberlin – Devotion Track Listing & Cover Art

Absolute Punk has the Cover Art and Track Listing for Devotion

Head over to as they unveiled the track listing and cover for Devotion today! Click here.

via Reveals ‘Devotion’ Track Listing & Cover | Anberlin.

> House of Heroes – New Moon streaming

Hear an exclusive stream of  one of House of Heroes acoustic bonus tracks (New Moon) from the soon re-released The End Is Not The En. It  is streaming at their absolutepunk profile.

House of Heroes are re-releasing one of our favorite records of ’08, The End is Not The End, on March 3rd. This edition includes two unreleased bonus tracks, one of which is streaming ABSOLUTExclusively on the band’s Profile. Check it out

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> The Appleseed Cast – Sagarmatha album stream

Absolute punk is streaming the entire Sagarmatha album from The Appleseed Cast. It sounds like there is plenty to be excited about!
TheAppleseedCast-SagarmathaThe Appleseed Cast – Stream Sagarmatha at


> anberlin – “heavier things remain”

You can listen to anberlin’s “Heavier Things Remain” (the itunes bonus track) at their Absolutepunk profileNew Surrender_Anberlin