> ChristianRock.Net – Top 100 of 2009

ChristianRock.Net have posted their Top 100 Songs for 2009. Here are the top 20 of them….

1. Hero – Skillet
2. Set The Dial – Run Kid Run
3. Feel Good Drag – Anberlin
4. Death of Me – Red
5. My Sweet Escape – Run Kid Run
6. Stand Up – Fireflight
7. Streams Of Woe At Acheron – Falling Up
8. Never Be the Same – Red
9. Peace of Mind – Stryper
10. Fight Inside – Red
11. Best Night Of Our Lives – Everyday Sunday
12. Bring Me To Life – Thousand Foot Krutch
13. Mystery of You – Red
14. Fading – Decyfer Down
15. Romance Me – Disciple
16. Again – Flyleaf
17. Cross My Heart – Nevertheless
18. Speaking Louder Than Before – Jeremy Camp
19. Fire On The Inside – Pillar
20. Return – Capital Lights

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> lovedrug – 2009 demos (free downloads)

Lovedrug has five new demos for a free download at their PureVolume

Artist: Lovedrug

Album: 2009 Demos

Pink Champagne (demo)

Dead in the Water (demo)

She’s Disaster (demo)

We Were Owls (demo)

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> The Violet Burning album giveaway – Sting Like A Bee And Sing

HM Magazine is giving away 10 copies of The Violet Burning’s new live album. Enter and win!!!

10 copies of the new Violet Burning album (Sting Like A Bee And Sing) will be given away here. Wouldn’t you like to win one? If you know the band, trust me, it’s a live album with a whole bunch of their great songs. To enter, just send an encouraging email to me at contestathmmagdotcom and you’ll be entered. We’ll randomly pick 10 people and send the winners the music from thevioletburning.com website.

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