> 2009 The Year In Review – Better late than never…

There were a number of things that were released too late in 2008 to include in the 2008 Year in Review. There were also some that  I missed altogether. As they say better late than never….

better late than never

Delta Spirit – Ode to Sunshine
This album quickly became one of my most listened to of early 2009…love that People C’mon.
delta spirit

The Listening – Transmission 1
Just a four song ep, Transmission 1 left us waiting for the full length followup.

Doug Burr – the Shawl
Shawls’s covering of the Psalms will feel like a voice crying out in the wilderness.

doug burr the shawl

The Lassie Foundation – Three Wheels ep
A nice surprise to close out 2008 was this Three Wheels ep of shoegazing goodness
three wheels___________________________________________________________

Brooke Waggoner – Heal For the Honey
Found this album topping Patrol Mag’s 50 Faith Inspired Albums list. I was glad I did and you will too.
heal for the honey

The Welcome Wagon – S/T
This husband and wife duo, with some help from Sufjan Stevens, delivered a plaintive album of gospel songs.

the welcome wagon

Jonathan Steingard – Under the Canopy
This Hawk Nelson guitarist stretches out musically on this surprising good set of pop songs.
under the canopy


> House of Heroes – The End Is Not The End $1.99 on Amazon MP3 today

Today Amazon MP3 has one of the best releases of 2008,  The End Is Not The End by House Of Heroes for the unbelievable low price of $1.99

via Amazon.com: The End Is Not The End: House Of Heroes.

> Not-So-Easy Listening: It Takes a Trek to Hear This Track (Sufjan Stevens – The Lonely Man of Winter)

“This is the finest way we felt we could curate this song, It brings people together,”  rather than “being lost among 14,000 iTunes.” – Alec Duffy on the Sufjan Steven’s song The Lonely Man of Winter

Alec Duffy

The Wall Street Journal had an article on Alec Duffy, his winning Sufjan Stevens song contest, recieving the song The Lonely Man of Winter, his idea for how to share  the song and the unbelievable responses that indie music fans have had .

See the complete article at Not-So-Easy Listening: It Takes a Trek to Hear This Track – WSJ.com.


> we shot the moon – giving away “fear and love” album

Here’s a great deal from We Shot The Moon. They are giving away last years Fear and Love.

Get it here: weshotthemoon.com/free

we shot the moon fear and love


> Thrice – “Alchemy Index” Vinyl box set

Thrice’s ambitious Alchemy Index is available on vinyl. Check out the photos at the Vinyl Collective…
thrice vinyl box set

Photos: Thrice “Alchemy Index” box set (FINALLY!) » Vinyl Collective.