Violents |Two Animals EP | Soundcloud | Jeremy Larson & Olga Yagolnikov

16 Aug
I know I skipped Volume 2 but I have listened to  Volume 3 (Two Animals EP) almost non-stop the last few weeks.

The third EP from Violents featuring Olga Yagolnikov of Kye Kye.

via: violentsmusic

Bird Passengers |Mountain to Cover EP | Soundcloud

14 Aug

New EP by Bird Passengers. Cinematic, but Indie with EDM influences

Bird Passengers | SoundCloud

14 Aug

A new project for Jonathan Jones (with Nate Dodge) called Bird Passengers

Bird Passengers is the indie-electronic duo of Nate Dodge and Jonathan Jones. Their sound ranges from epic electronic with hard-hitting beats, to tracks with a slower lounge vibe.

via Bird Passengers | Free Listening on SoundCloud.

Chris Staples |Badlands | Vinyl

14 Aug

There’s just something about Chris Staples’ voice that should sound marvelous on vinyl. That’s a good thing because Badlands is coming to vinyl.


“Badlands” came out in January of 2010. It’s a stripped down, intimate album with a few lush tracks thrown in. For fans of Nick Drake or early Dylan. For the first time it’s available on 160 gram black vinyl with a newly designed jacket and inner sleeve.

Track Listing:

1 One Became Two
2 Grand Coulee Dam
3 Domino Effect
4 The Lady Of Fortune
5 Bell Into My Ear
6 Whitewash Paint
7 Common Enemies
8 Hummingbird
9 Thrift Store Jesus Painting
10 Cold Blue Light
11 Mailbox
12 The Good Things

via Chris Staples “Badlands” full length 12″ / Chris Staples.

C O L O N Y H O U S E | Silhouettes | Video

14 Aug

Watch the video Silhouettes from Colony House.

C O L O N Y H O U S E.



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