Wovenhand | Star Treatment 

David Eugene Edwards is back with a new album, Star Treatment. He continues further down the road blazed by Refractory Obdurate (one of 2014’s best albums). Yes I bought it on vinyl….

He’s said that he named the album Star Treatment because he’s using it to explore humanity’s ancient fascination with the night sky. And in Star Treatment, we can hear the sounds of tiny human specks attempting to wrap minds around the infinite, around forces much grander than themselves. Edwards is a devout Christian, and that’s probably a part of it, too. There’s a ritualistic feel to the album, a sense of devotion to the cosmos. And even if you’re not the tiniest bit spiritual, which I’m not, there is a power in asking the mere questions that so many belief systems attempt to answer.

Source: Album Of The Week: Wovenhand Star Treatment


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