Starflyer 59’s | Slow | All Songs Considered | NPR

It is always exciting to get a new Starflyer 59 album. This one is called Slow and over at All Songs Considered , Jason from Starflyer 59 leads you thru the entire album. Listen, read & enjoy.

In the 23 years that Starflyer 59 has been a band, the only constant has been Jason Martin. But in those same two decades, through many styles — from the heavy shoegaze of Silver and Gold to Americana’s classic rock to the poppier run of The Fashion Focus through Leave Here A Stranger, and so on and so forth — you always know a song is a Jason Martin song. His workmanlike approach puts an emphasis on songs that make sense and are built to last. To him, a song is math, not art, so if a Starflyer 59 riff or a tone or a chord progression sounds familiar, it means the song’s working. That’s not meant to take the magic out of music, just base it on reality. More than ever, Martin is focused what it means to make music now.

Source: Jason Martin Explains Starflyer 59’s ‘Slow,’ Track By Track : All Songs Considered : NPR


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