TobyMac ***This Is Not A Test*** Vinyl

His last album topped the Billboard charts, will this one? In any case this one has a limited edition vinyl!

Track Listing for Vinyl:SIDE A01. Like A Match 02. Backseat Driver – feat. Hollyn & Tru 03. This Is Not A Test – feat. Capital Kings 04. Lights Shine Bright – feat. Hollyn SIDE B05. Til The Day I Die – feat. NF 06. Feel It – feat. Mr. TalkBox07. Move (Keep Walkin\’# 08. Love Broke Thru SIDE C09. Beyond Me 10. Love Feels Like – feat. DCTALK 11. Undeniable SIDE D12. Lift You Up – feat. Ryan Stevenson13. Fall 14. Beyond Me #Phenomenon Remix By Soul Glow Activatur# 15. Like A Match #Garcia Remix#

via ***This Is Not A Test*** Vinyl – TOBYMAC.


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