Ivan & Alyosha and The Wildfeathers

You can often find some great new music by checking out bands that are opening for other bands you like. The choices for NEEDTOBREATHE’s  Stomping Ground Tour, Ivan & Alyosha and The Wildfeathers, are no exception.

We’re delighted to have two amazing bands join us on this tour as our special guests:

IVAN & ALYOSHA from 09/27/2013 through 10/20/2013

THE WILDFEATHERS from 10/22/2013 through 11/08/2013








5 thoughts on “Ivan & Alyosha and The Wildfeathers

  1. Corbett Cappon says:

    By the way, are you down for suggestions via spotify? (perhaps limited in some way so that it doesn’t become overwhelming?) Totally cool if not, just checking.

  2. Corbett Cappon says:

    Also, I can’t really send it as a spotify recommend, but along with checking out Xnoizz, I recommend checking out “the good Christian Music blog” (the other one than yours I mean, lol). Discovered a good deal of new artists from them.

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