Galactic Cowboys 25 Year Reunion Show

It was sometime in the early 90’s that Galactic Cowboys opened for Kings X at a free WLAV outdoor show. The show was packed, loud and memorable. I was surprised when I saw that the Galactic Cowboys are getting back together for a reunion show.

This year marks the ‘almost’ 25th anniversary of the great melodic metal machine out of Texas, Galactic Cowboys.

It also marks the 20th anniversary of the group’s phenomenal sophomore release, Space in Your Face. The band is celebrating with an upcoming reunion show in Houston at the Arcadia Bar & Grill featuring the original line up of {Colvin-Doss-Huggins-Sonnier}

So on September 13th prepare to have your skull crushed (as Monty would say!).

via Space in Your Face – Revisited! – The Phantom Tollbooth | The Phantom Tollbooth.


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