World War Z, Zombies Apocalypse, Work & Civilized Life

Over at the Acton Blog, Jordan Ballor manages to weave World War Z, the Zombie Apocalypse and a quote from Lester DeKoster’s book Work to make an interesting point how vital work is to civilized life.

Another way of getting at the political economy of the zombie apocalypse is to explore just how thin the bonds of civilization really are. In the midst of crisis, the relationships and desires that truly matter to people quickly crowd out things that are less esteemed. Things quickly return to, as Paik (and Hobbes before him) puts it, a “state of nature,” in which human beings band together based on bonds of familial loyalty or obedience to strength.

Lester DeKoster invites an exploration of an apocalyptic vision of a world without the civilizing bonds of work:

“Imagine that everyone quits working, right now! What happens? Civilized life quickly melts away. Food vanishes from the store shelves, gas pumps dry up, streets are no longer patrolled, and fires burn themselves out. Communication and transportation services end and utilities go dead. Those who survive at all are soon huddled around campfires, sleeping in tents, and clothed in rags.”

via Work and the Political Economy of the Zombie Apocalypse | Acton PowerBlog.


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