Tall Trees EP | Vocal Few

Everything about this EP and the band says quality.  The duo is made up of the singer of the  Classic Crime and his wife. As an added bonus for vinyl lovers, The Tall Trees EP will even be available on vinyl!  Read more here

A guy and his pregnant wife making music.

This new music is called the Tall Trees EP. It is called this because several months before it’s conception the MacDonald family moved out of their tiny, one-bedroom, urban apartment and into a small suburban house amongst a smattering of ancient trees. There’s a certain feeling that comes over them as they drive along their street. Gone are the tall buildings, the hustle and bustle of city life, the busses rumbling by their window… It’s quiet. There’s something calming about living in the shadows of trees as tall as skyscrapers. They’re hundreds of years old, and over time their roots have become expansive networks lodged deep into the dirt, holding the foundations of their communities together. It’s a calming and inspirational metaphor for starting a family

via ▶ Tall Trees EP | Vocal Few.

Check out more about Vocal Few at these links



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