> 2009 The Year In Review – Better late than never…

There were a number of things that were released too late in 2008 to include in the 2008 Year in Review. There were also some that  I missed altogether. As they say better late than never….

better late than never

Delta Spirit – Ode to Sunshine
This album quickly became one of my most listened to of early 2009…love that People C’mon.
delta spirit

The Listening – Transmission 1
Just a four song ep, Transmission 1 left us waiting for the full length followup.

Doug Burr – the Shawl
Shawls’s covering of the Psalms will feel like a voice crying out in the wilderness.

doug burr the shawl

The Lassie Foundation – Three Wheels ep
A nice surprise to close out 2008 was this Three Wheels ep of shoegazing goodness
three wheels___________________________________________________________

Brooke Waggoner – Heal For the Honey
Found this album topping Patrol Mag’s 50 Faith Inspired Albums list. I was glad I did and you will too.
heal for the honey

The Welcome Wagon – S/T
This husband and wife duo, with some help from Sufjan Stevens, delivered a plaintive album of gospel songs.

the welcome wagon

Jonathan Steingard – Under the Canopy
This Hawk Nelson guitarist stretches out musically on this surprising good set of pop songs.
under the canopy


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