>The Juliana Theory to Re-Unite for 2 “Emotion is Dead” Anniversary Shows

With the 10th anniversary of the Emotion is Dead album, The Juliana Theory are announcing 2 reunion shows where they will play the album from start to finish. Dates and locations yet to be announced.
emotion is dead

The complete message from the band’s  Facebook notes:

Broken up since February of 2006, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s indie-emo-pop trailblazers The Juliana Theory have remained quite silent. Aside from the formation of Vesta (featuring 3 members of TJT), all has remained rather still in the Juliana camp. But with the recent announcement of an upcoming J’ Theory B-Sides Album, future vinyl re-releases, and a few cryptic posts on lead singer Brett Detar’s twitter, rumors have been abuzz on the web.

August 2010 marks the ten-year anniversary of the release of The Juliana Theory’s defining and influential sophomore album “Emotion is Dead.” With this coming anniversary the band will put speculation to rest and reunite for two shows only to play the entire album from start to finish. Having not made music together since disbanding shortly after the final show of a European tour in January of 2006, this will be their first time to share a stage again as well as the first time playing the record in its entirety. “There’s a few songs off of Emotion is Dead that we’ve never even played live before so I think it’s going to be pretty great to play the whole album in sequence. I’m really looking forward to it,” said frontman Brett Detar. “I’m super excited for these shows, not only for us, but its finally the chance for all of our fans to get that last show. And my 2 year old daughter will get to be there this time around too,” added guitarist Joshua Fiedler. “We haven’t played in the US since 2005 so I think it’s going to be pretty great to get back up there together,” remarked bassist Chad Alan. As for the impetus behind this reunion, Detar elaborated, “When we broke up it was for real and it still is. We’re not into pulling a KISS move – getting back together all the time. The thing is, we never played a farewell show. We posted a goodbye blog and that was it. I think it was pretty unfair to our loyal fans and to us too. Now the five of us get to do what we always should have done and say goodbye properly – to do right by everyone. It’ll be great to share the stage with my brothers again and with the anniversary that just makes the whole thing even better.”

In addition to playing the record from front to back each night, the band will also be performing a second set of songs comprised of fan favorites culled from all of their other releases. Dates and venues are currently being determined but fans who want the best chance of grabbing tickets should sign up for The Juliana Theory Email List where exclusive tickets will be made available first. Detar explained, “The reunion dates will be announced very soon but the shows won’t be until late summer of 2010. We did this to give our die-hard fans, far and wide, plenty of time to make travel arrangements after they get their tickets. We also did it to give us plenty of time to knock the cobwebs off and make sure these shows are top-notch. We’ll be working hard to put on the best shows possible and, in this information age, to give our fans updates and insight into the process of knocking those cobwebs off as well as input on the set-lists. I’ll be taking requests, answering questions, and posting unfiltered updates on my facebook and twitter and you can be certain we’re going to make sure these are some of the most memorable and fan-friendly shows of our career. We’re anxious to make it happen.” Dates coming soon.

Via:  Facebook


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