> JesusfreakHideout.com 2009 Staff Picks

Jesusfreakhideout have posted their top 10 staff picks…..

    1. The Long Fall Back To Earth, Jars Of Clay
    2.   Hello Hurricane, Switchfoot
    3.   Ocean Eyes, Owl City
    4.   Forget And Not Slow Down, Relient K
    5.   Memento Mori, Flyleaf
    6.   Welcome To The Masquerade, Thousand Foot Krutch

7.   Who Speaks for…, And Then There Were None
8. [TIE]   …In Shallow Seas We Sail, Emery /   Picket Fence Cartel, Project 86
9.   Church Music, David Crowder*Band
10.   The Outsiders, NEEDTOBREATHE

via JesusfreakHideout.com 2009 Staff Picks.


3 thoughts on “> JesusfreakHideout.com 2009 Staff Picks

  1. drivebymedia says:

    “take me as i am” is one of the best songs of the year and it’s always fun to see the band memebers doing a little different style!

  2. I bought the album for “take me as I am” but I fell in love with Her Father’s Song and the insanely catchy tunes “off to the Shindig” and “man whatcha doin?”. Oh, and Voyage of Beliefs is great too.

    I just love the whole album. er…I think I mentioned that.

    It might be my age, but I’m a sucker for a concept album. Particularly if it’s done well. Okay, only if it’s done well. 😛

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