> Family Force 5 Christmas Pagaent Concert Review

Family Force 5 Christmas Pageant

Did anyone have doubts about a band like Family Force 5 doing a Christmas album and a supporting tour ? If you did, those doubts were firmly laid to rest on the opening night of their Christmas Pageant Tour. Not only did the band play the entirety of their Christmas album in their own signature style, they literally blasted through a non-stop medly of fan favorites and hits. The end of the show was a breathtaking romp through many of the band’s biggest hits. It left the band and the crowd exhausted but happy.

The staging had all the classic elements: wrapped presents, white christmas trees, stockings hung by the fireplace and snow that was periodically blown out into the crowd. The band themselves were decked out like they walked out of a Charles Dickens novel; complete with green plaid pants, white shirts, black vests and top hats. The fans were encouraged to dress up in there finest Christmas outfits and some were picked to participate in the songs on stage. The participation included dancing,  stacking and throwing presents, wearing giant ears, waving babies (dolls). Let’s not forget the various costumes, An abominable snowman, two reindeer, a giant ornament wearing a santa coat and carolers ringing bells (Which I believe was the band House of Heroes)

The show was opened by New Zealand band All Left Out. They received a warm welcome despite being a relatively unknown band.

House of Heroes followed with an all too short set. Opening with the Hallelujah Chorus, they played one song from their Christmas Classics EP as well as a couple from their lastest The End is Not the End. The final song In the Valley of the Dying Sun brought together all the elements that make this band great. Tight harmonies, classic rock riffs and all with a pop/punk attitude. “Ready to Shine on Indeed”

Remedy Drive were energetic and solid, although their set suffured from their lead singer being under the weather as well as sound mix issues. The lead singer was still able to do his share of climbing aboard the keyboard, drum riser and  speakers. His antics as well his playing witht eh keyboard effects might remind you a bit of Paul Meany from MuteMath.

The show would not be complete without something from the band and we were able to pick up the vinyl version of Dance or Die. How cool is that!

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Photo Gallery from the show family-force-5-christmas-pagaent-photo-gallery


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