> Family Force 5 Christmas Pageant – What Are You Wearing?

If only my elf costume were back from the cleaners……..

So you’ve already grabbed your tickets to FF5’s Christmas Pageant, but have you decided what you are wearing? May we suggest anything and everything Christmasy!

We’re talkin’ Crunk Christmas, Tacky Christmas Sweaters, Reindeer & Santa Suits, or Fancy Schmancy Christmas…really, it’s up to you to show YOUR Christmas style.

Whatever it is, make sure to BRING IT for this year’s Pageant Tour because we’ll be choosing four of our fave decked out friends to join us for special parts in FF5’s Christmas Pageant!! Yeah, you could be standing RIGHT NEXT TO FATTY! …or somewhere in the vacinity of the side or corner of the stage. Point being, you’ll be able to see, and maybe even feel the sweat off his brow!

So how do you get picked? Show up an hour before doors open for your show dressed in your Pageant finest. We’ll send one of Xana Clause’s helpers to choose 4 people from those in line to join the band during the Pageant.

Please note that we’ll be choosing THE 4 PEOPLE WITH THE BEST OUTFITS, so if you want your friend, bf, gf, gma, bff, bff4life etc on stage with you, make sure they dress as dope as you do for the best chance of being picked!

Happy Christmas Pageant outfit planning!

via FF5  myspace blog


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