> Switchfoot -“Mess of Me” on Jimmy Kimmel

If anyone thought  Switchfoot were on the way out after being dropped from leaving their record label, then this performance on Jimmy Kimmel show’s how wrong you were. The band look and sound invigorated, ready to take on the road….

Vodpod videos no longer available.


3 thoughts on “> Switchfoot -“Mess of Me” on Jimmy Kimmel

  1. Switchfoot was not dropped from their record label. They chose to leave Columbia Records/Sony Music in favour of going Independent.

  2. Can I “clarify” one part of your comment via the below email excerpt from a direct friend of someone in the band, Switchfoot?

    Nope Michelle… the label did not drop them …. they left …

    Switchfoot decided to go independent with VERY careful and serious review of the consequences. They have been able to sucessfully “crossover” the Rock/Pop/Christian genre lines with grace and style to get their message through. People were waiting for them on the other side – of their destiny.

    Jon Foreman is very spiritual, well-read, and is a deep rooted intellectual Poet of our Times. If you attend a full concert, you can hear Jon’s heart bleed and his soul speak about deep thoughts he has about life, politics, and people. He cares and it weeps from his Soul in his music.

    Thank you for listening. Keep listening – Switchfoot has a pulse like no other band in the world. U2’s potential predecessors when the mantle is passed down to a New World, Switchfoot will be there to pick up the torch and the flames will not go out and the message will carry on.

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