> Free Derek Webb! « ShaneBertou.com

ShaneBertou.com is giving away a copy of Derek Webb’s latest Stockholm Syndrome. Head over and enter at ShaneBertou.com

I have an unopened copy of Derek Webb’s newest album Stockholm Syndrome that I’m giving away for free to one lucky reader!

To be eligible for the drawing simply leave a comment below expressing your thoughts about Derek’s “controversial” song from the album titled “What Matters More?” The winner will be selected at random on Monday, October 26th


3 thoughts on “> Free Derek Webb! « ShaneBertou.com

  1. nashvillian says:

    I commend Derek’s convictions, we should love people. Even in What Matters More, I can understand why he would feel the need to use harsh language to address something as serious as the way the church deals with the homosexual community. There is a general lack of love and compassion in the overarching attitude of the evangelical church towards people living homosexual lifestyles.
    At the same time, I don’t know that using that language was the wisest, or most helpful thing. The audience he is trying to speak to is going to immediately dismiss him simply because he used a curse word in a song. I know it sounds silly, but that’s the way it is. So the only thing that this song can do (if I’m right) is further alienate him from this group, and get a lot of nodding heads from people who already agreed with him in the first place.

  2. With the Ringing Bell, I came to Derek Web’s music outside of the church and with no preconceptions of his beliefs and people’s perception of his songs. I sometimes feel like an outsider observing alot of infighting between the different groups’ interpretation of what it means to be a Christian. It seems that everyone feels like they own Derek and is seeking to filter all of the bite out of his songs.

    “What Matters More” is a rare call back to the civil rights folk music of the late 60’s. Finally, a contemporary musician has something to say and as soon as he deviates from what’s expected of him, everyone’s all over him. Let him be an ambasador of his faith.

    It doesn’t seem very Christian is all I’m saying.

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