> derek webb – “stockholm syndrome” album review

The big news about Derek Webb’s Stockholm Syndrome is not the controversial subject matter or the choice of words on one song… it is the music”

stockholm syndrome

There has been much ink spilled over Derek Webb’s latest release Stockholm Syndrome. Was it a real controversy or just a great marketing ploy. Derek claims the controversy was real, but Derek did seem to make the best of it, and got plenty of press in the process. In the end, one offending song was left off the INO release of the album. Another version of the album with the song is available directly from Derek’s website.

Having a fair number of Bruce Cockburn albums in my collection, the controversy over the use of the “s” word seemed like a none issue to me. In a recent interview Derek said he sees his role as an agitator.  The Church needs to be challenged and have dialogue on any number of issues, one has to wonder how effective being an agitator is to accomplishing change?

That being said, the big news of Stockholm Syndrome is the music. Not as earthshaking as Dylan going electric or U2’s Achtung Baby; and not as adventurous as Moby’s Play, the album is a great leap forward musically. Derek says he grew “bored” with the singer/songwriter style and set out to craft something “intentionally organic”. Derek and Josh Moore spent a year collecting “beats, loops, odd bits of programming to weave those elements into tracks that moved us and made us feel something”. This process pays off in an album that musically draws you back time and again.


5 thoughts on “> derek webb – “stockholm syndrome” album review

  1. Great post – really enjoying the new album and think it’ll be great for more people to hear Derek’s music!

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