> flyleaf – new single “again” available

Flyleaf’s new single Again is available at Amazon.com:  MP3 Downloads.


One thought on “> flyleaf – new single “again” available

  1. I’ve listened to Again by Flyleaf like at least 50 times now! The song is Great and being the ultimate Flyleaf Fan that I am is very much looking forward to their new albums release October 20, 2009. I love how the song is sang is like no other, it’s wicked while pretty and romantic. If you can imagine that, then that’s what the song sounds like! I had my Mom listen to it and she LOVED it! She’s not that much of a Flyleaf fan but she absolutely ADORED this song by Flyleaf. Anyone who likes flyleaf is almost garunteed to ABSOLUTELY LOVE this song. Even people who aren’t major fans of Flyleaf are going to love this song by Flyleaf. It’s great, wonderful, and I’m excited about hearing the other songs on the Album , I bet they’re great! (A GREAT Flyleaf song that I love is called Penholder by Flyleaf. Look up Penholder by Flyleaf Lyrics on Youtube, do the one that shows waves and a piece of driftwood on the sand, it’s a special version and sounds great!!!!!)

    (Anyone who’s never heard of Flyleaf is seriously missing out! As a beginner of Flyleafism I suggest the song All Around Me, it’s softer than the other songs and 100 percent loveable the first time it’s heard, that is if you have Flyleafic ears, some are not born with Flyleafic ears and are born with Taylor Swiftic ears or whatever (luv Tay too!), after listening to the beginner songs (All Around Me and Penholder) you’re ready for more intense Flyleaf! I suggest as a Middle Breathe Today (I LOVE BREATHE TODAY!!!!!!) and Fully Alive. Once you’ve heard all of those, then you’re ready for I’m So Sick and Guilty (These songs WILL creep you out if you listen to these are a beginner, that’s why if you know Flyleaf well, this will not be a surprise to you because you know the band well and you know they’re style) After those two, you have very well adapted Flyleafism and you are ready for any Flyleaf song you like, if you think anyone else is ready for Flyleafism, introduce them and if they have the right ears for it they will become very attracted to the first if not second beginner song. If your friend likes heavy metal, then you might want to start them off on the highest level of Flyleaf songs (I’m So Sick and Guilty). Good Luck, Again is a GREAT song,and Happy Flyleafism!

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