> Sleeping at Last – releasing new album “Storyboards”

So I missed their Studio journals from earlier in the month so it no surprise that I was unaware of Sleeping At Last’s new album releasing this month…sorta

New Album – JULY RELEASE!! Artwork, Title, & More!
Alright, today we’ve got tons of exciting news to tell you about… (including info about an EARLY RELEASE of our New Album!!)  First things first…

We’re so excited to finally take the wraps off of Geoff Benzing’s incredible original painting that is Storyboards’ cover art!  We can’t wait for you to see the rest of the album’s artwork as well (which is a continuation of the gorgeous cover piece)  Check it out below!
We will let you know as soon as the pre-orders/early release goes live!  Our “official” release date will happen in a couple months from now and will include the usual suspects: iTunes, LaLa, Amazon.com, etc.
After months of debate, we’ve finally decided on Storyboards!  We tossed around a zillion names throughout the making of this album and it wasn’t until we finished it all up that we knew “Storyboards” was just right!
Okay, so we’ve been super excited to announce this for a while now..  We decided that before the end of the month (JULY), we are going to start taking pre-orders for Storyboards, and ALL who pre-order the new CD, will also receive a very, very early download of the ENTIRE album IMMEDIATELY!!!
For $14 (includes shipping!), you will receive an immediate MP3 download of our new album, Storyboards.. and will ALSO receive the physical CD, shipped to you as soon as it’s in our hands!  (sometime in Aug. when it arrives from the manufacturer)
So, this means that by the end of the month, our new album will finally be available!  We are sooo excited for you to hear it!

Sleeping At Last MySpace Blog.


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