> Jonas Brothers – Rolling Stone Cover # 2

Making the cover of Rolling Stone would give most artists instant credibility. This is cover #2 and I still think there are a lot of music fans who will never give these talented brothers their due.

via Rolling Stone.


7 thoughts on “> Jonas Brothers – Rolling Stone Cover # 2

  1. yea, Im going to second that. I have seen them perform live over 6 or 7 times on television. Every time they were off key, awkward, and clumsy. Thats not talented, thats “in over your head”

  2. I saw them at halftime of one of the thanksgiving day football games and it was horrible…almost as horrible as the time I listened to their independent CD…I know you aren’t a 14 year old girl and that you usually have good taste in music, so I’m not sure what happened to you this time haha 🙂 Ian has them described perfectly

  3. drivebymedia says:

    i take notice when a mainstream mag like RS takes notice of a band like this. so if the band is not political and they don’t have destructive lifestyles what does a publication like rolling stone see in the band? i am left with their music…. they picked last year’s album in their top 50 and featured one of the brothers in an article with elvis costello. the attention of RS doesn’t mean they are talented but it does make one wonder….

  4. …that Rolling Stone has gone done the tubes…yes, I have been wondering about that for a long time. If you LIKE the music, I wont try to change you mind, because people can like what they want, I still listen to Kris Kross, but talented? More like pushed by an incredible machine…
    And the boys last performance on SNL was awful, off key the entire time, looking uncomfortable with the stage
    I also saw their very first performance on the American Music Awards, you know the one where the dude fell flat on his face…

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